When Will the Worrying End? Does It Ever End?

When you become a parent, it seems as though there is always something to be concerned with. Something to worry about. 


From conception- how long will it take to get pregnant? In utero- is everything developing okay? At birth- is the baby healthy? As they grow- are they meeting developmental milestones? The worry that comes with them being teenagers/ young adults is a completely different level. I’ll just leave this here as food for thought: driving, drinking, drugs, sex. (I think I just saw some gray hairs sprout!) And the worry continues in seemingly an relentless manner.


Even as our children meet (and exceed) the markers and benchmarks that we have in mind, we still worry. We hope that they have learned the lessons we tried to teach them. But, as our parents tried to teach us, we should know that our children will have to learn through their own experiences, trials and tribulations. That’s just the way it is.


We continue to worry about who their friends are, their grades, will they graduate high school and college. Who will their life partner be? And my goodness, please don’t make us grandparents before we think you’re ready, LOL. Will they continue to surpass our expectations, as we did with our parents? Only time will tell. And we will continue to worry…and pray…and hope that we’ve done enough to make this next generation the promise of the future.


Keep calm and worry on, my friends.