Regret Nothing

Regret Nothing. It was the best decision you could make at that time.

It would be so easy for me to look back at my life and think that maybe I made some bad decisions in my younger days that have caused my life to be in an upheaval right now. I find myself in the middle of a divorce and becoming a single mother of two amazingly beautiful girls.

What if I had not married someone after knowing them only for eight months?  What if I did not insist on having a child even though my husband kept saying we were not financially ready at age 30?  What if I had waited until I met his family and see how they interacted with each other in preparation for how he would interact with me?  What if I had just not gone out with my girlfriend and her boyfriend that night we met one of his good friends?

There are limitless What ifs that come to mind as I write this. Whenever someone shares their own what ifs with me I always tell them to regret nothing for the decision they made then is the only decision they could have made in that moment knowing what they knew.  In practicing what I preach to others I myself cannot regret any of my what ifs for that is all I was able to do when I encountered those what ifs.

After 8 months I felt I knew him well enough and he showed great commitment to me and our future by putting all his savings in a joint account. At age 30, after being married for 7 years and a Myomectomy surgery for my fibroids I was finally pregnant. After meeting their friend that night we danced together all night and talked until morning. All things in those moments seemed just right, so I made the best decision I could have then.  NO REGRETS.

Can you think of something that you might regret and realize that the decision you made at that time was the best you could have made then.

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