No, you are not dying. Yes, you can breathe.

For over 3 decades now I have struggled with my weight. Many, many New Year’s days have found me saying this is the day that I will begin to change my life and finally lose this weight. I have tried Weight Watchers about four times. Joined a gym about 3 times. Done the cabbage soup diet, intermittent fasting and the whole 30 eating program. They all work well until I give up before the finish line.

I emptied my fridge and pantry of all the sweet things and the processed snacks. I purchased new workout clothes and equipment to inspire me to look good while making the change. Then I went full 180% into 6 days of working out for an hour a day. As I did the kickboxing video I started gasping for air and my lungs felt like they were on fire. My body was saying…Girllll you know it has been decades since you moved like this, what are you doing?

Then my brain spoke some sense into me and said…No…you are not dying…Yes, you can breathe. This time I realize that the power for my change lies in my mind. I need to get my mind focused on the goal of building me a healthier sexier body. Yes I said a sexier body. For honestly, I want a body that looks hot with full clothes on and my curves well defined.

There is a long journey ahead for me no doubt as I work at losing over 100 pounds. The difference between the 20 or so other times that I tried to do this and failed is that I am working on my mind and soul first by connecting with God daily through prayer. Once I get my mind and soul right I know that I can get my body right. So for the many days ahead when I feel like I can’t keep up with my workouts and I feel like I am dying, God will set my mind right and let me know that I am not dying and I still have the breath to keep going towards finally achieving my weight loss goal.

Comment below if you have struggled with your own weight and if you are still working on it or how you achieved your goal.

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