Move Back To Move Forward

This morning as I was driving to work and trying to change lanes, I found myself in the middle lane of the parkway with cars to the right and left of me.   I wanted so much to to get in the faster passing lane on the left and couldn’t seem to find a chance to switch.  I then decided to slow down instead of keeping pace with the two cars alongside me and was able to change into the right lane. 

The car in the right lane took the next exit and I was able to pass the car in the middle lane and then finally make it over to the left lane.  This experience had me thinking how similar this was to my own life’s journey.  After separating from my husband I felt sad and frustrated.  It was as if my life was stuck with no chance of moving ahead. I thought to myself that if I moved back to doing things on my own that I would have been a true failure. 

Contrary to that thought I realize that the movement of going back to being alone was actually what I really needed to move forward.  Going back to thinking of just me and my girls has caused me to set up our lives for much more success.  Going back has allowed me to look at what is really important and necessary for us to prosper and not just survive. I have been able to create a much more stable financial outlook for us. I have had more fun and memorable moments with my girls. I have developed more professional skills.

It turns out that in order for me to witness these prosperous opportunities that have come our way that I just needed to go back to thinking of just what I want and it has caused me to not just move forward to get back to my original spot. It has enabled me to surge ahead farther than I ever thought possible.


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