Hurry, Hurry and Wait

I often find myself waking my children at least one hour before we are supposed to go somewhere. In my mind that is more than sufficient time for them to get ready. Yet this is never what happens. I find myself calling out a 30 minute time check, then a 15 minute time check, a five minute before time check and then ultimately a 10 minute post scheduled departure time yelling my frustration check,

This morning I took some moments to figure out why this is not working and most importantly why I am so stressed at their disregard for the scheduled departure. They are never upset or stressed at the delay. So all the stress is with me.

What I realized in my moment of reflection is that I am stressed and upset because I hate having to apologize for being late to anyone. I also feel that their behavior is a direct reflection on my parenting skills. When we don’t leave on time I wonder if I have not taught them well enough. Have I not taught them to respect others enough so that they don’t waste people’s time? Will people look at me as a lacking parent who is unable to manage her children well enough?

I remember once hearing someone say, if things don’t go the way I want, that my frustration and anger may be rooted in my own insecurities and pride. In cases like these where the girls don’t do as I say or want I think what will people think of me. So clearly it is my pride that is being affected. So before my pride becomes a fall I will learn to redirect my thoughts and instead of hurry, hurry I will just refocus my mind and energy into something else while I wait.

Leave a comment below if you have ever been in a Hurry, Hurry situation and just needed to ultimately wait?

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